Concord Biosciences provides extensive support to clients in the Agricultural Chemicals industry. Our broad agrochemicals service offering is based in Concord’s origins as an agrochemicals service company over 30 years ago. This offering includes biological, chemical, and regulatory support in a GLP-compliant facility and specifically includes synthesis and chemistry of agrochemicals, determining metabolic pathways of agrochemicals, and agrochemical storage stability testing. To the extent needed, we perform 5 batch analysis under EPA’s 5 batch analysis guidelines and examine target animal safety in our animal testing facility.


  • Radiolabeled synthesis
  • 14C, 3H and stable isotope custom synthesis
  • Dedicated radiodetection HPLCs and one NMR
  • Dedicated semi-preparative HPLC for the purification of radiochemicals and separation of chiral isomers
  • GLP characterization with C of A
  • 14C polymer synthesis
  • Degradant/impurity identification
  • Novel synthetic pathways
  • Long-term Storage and stability testing of radiolabelled libraries
  • Plus Synthetic Chemistry Services

Plant and Animal Metabolism

  • Plant metabolism
    – Metabolite identification
    – Distribution studies
    – Reincorporation methodology (14C)
        – Two greenhouses and one outdoor plot with radioisotope permits
        – Plant uptake study
  • Animal metabolism
    – Absorption, distribution, excretion
    – Single and multiple dose
    – Oral, dermal,
    – Special surgical techniques Bile duct cannulation Jugular cannulation
    – Metabolite identification/quantitation
    – Nature of the residue studies
    – Fish bioanalysis
    – Feeding Studies in consumed animals
    – Animal Nutrition for both companion and consumed animals
    – Target Animal Safety

Environmental Fate

  • Degradation (hydrolysis, photodegradation, biodegradation)
  • Aerobic and anaerobic metabolism (soil, aquatic)
  • Mobility (absorption/desorption, soil column leaching, lab volatility)
  • Prospective/retrospective groundwater
  • Fish bioaccumulation (metabolite identification)
  • Confined accumulation (rotational crop)
  • Field rotational crop
  • Solubility/Mineralization
  • Pollinator Studies


  • Acute
  • Subchronic
    – Dermal
    – Gavage
    – Dietary
  • Chronic toxicity/carcinogenicity
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Target animal safety
  • Aquatic toxicology
  • Animal nutrition for both companion and consumed anaimals

Product Chemistry

  • Product Chemistry packages (active ingredient, formulation)
  • Methods development and validation
  • GLP characterization
    – Test, control, reference substances
  • Certificate of Analysis (FIFRA, TSCA, OECD, J–MAFF requirements)
  • Problem solving
    – Deformulations
    – Trace impurity isolation/identification
  • storage stability and shelf life analysis
  • 5 batch analysis
  • Independent Laboratory Validation (ILV)”

Synthetic Chemistry

  • Analytical standards, model compounds, metabolites
  • Radiolabeled synthesis

Program Management and Consulting

  • Project coordination of multiple programs and study direcotrs for crisp client execution
  • Program managers with PMI certification
  • Technical support of registration packages

Residue Chemistry

  • Field soil dissipation
  • Magnitude of the residue Crop field trials & storage stability Livestock feeding studies (cattle, poultry)
  • Analytical methods development
  • Independent Laboratory Validations (ILV)
  • Pollinator Studies
  • Low level quantification with updated LC–MS/MS instrumentation
  • Human Risk Assessment – operator and residential exposure
  • Food Contact

Concord Capabilities by Regulatory Guidelines