Case Studies

Concord has a wealth of experience in drug safety & metabolism, chemical development, and agrochemical sciences, which support the process of moving drug candidates through the development pipeline, attaining desired chemical synthesis, and assessing compounds for agricultural applications. We have a team of scientists that are experts in dealing with challenging chemistry or development concerns, are enthused by such challenges, and have a great track record in overcoming them. We believe this is a characteristic that sets Concord apart.

This section presents a number of case studies in the various areas of our business. Browse through them to gather an impression of how Concord can help you. Please contact us if we may further discuss an interest.

Drug Safety & Metabolism Study

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Concord assists our clients by speeding safety assessment and bringing molecules to the clinic faster. The following case studies demonstrate how we have helped clients meet specific challenges in drug safety and metabolism.
Alzheimer's Therapy Low IC50 CV hERG IND enabling program

Agrochemicals Study

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Concord’s extensive experience in agrochemicals enables us to offer our clients exceptional confidence in testing new compounds along with an integrated service for new chemical registration. The following case studies show how Concord has helped our clients meet challenges involved in developing compounds for agricultural and veterinary applications.
Agrochemicals Case Study