Concord collaborates with clients to support the progression of drug candidates through all phases of development and manufacture, and tests agricultural compounds for successful registration or re-registration. Our chemical development experience includes specialty and performance chemicals, which allows Concord to support the continuum from development through commercialization. What makes Concord unique is our ability to tap into the vast and varied experience and expertise of our scientific teams, as well as our proven approach to process and project management.

Concord has the expertise to support your needs, including established quality programs and well-tested practices that are fundamental to success. We provide regulatory strategy from experts that have been there before, and can help to smoothly navigate the path to approval. Our nuanced approach to project management provides oversight for critical-paths, go/no go decision points, and the communication style and comfort level you expect between counterpart teams.

This section outlines recent experiences at Concord and further reinforces why Concord should be your partner of choice.