Concord understands the importance of developing safe products for the global population and contributing to the development of efficacious products with an appropriate safety profile. As an outsourcing partner supporting the efforts of our clients to develop new compounds, whether it be a drug candidate, agricultural product, veterinary compound or specialty chemical, Concord recognizes how fundamental quality is to each step in the process. It is an inherent aspect of our services and is the leading criteria in selection of the right outsourcing partner.

Quality management at Concord is embedded throughout the entire organization. Concord’s established and well proven quality system, supported by management’s commitment, is the foundation for assuring that materials produced and/or data generated meet the expectations of our clients and the requirements of regulatory agencies. Throughout our business offerings of drug safety assessment and agricultural chemical product development, there is a commitment to the timely delivery of a quality product. This is a fundamental expectation and core value at Concord.